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In a world where technology is rapidly changing the way we do business, so too is it opening up American companies to liability and risk in ways that we could have never predicted. For those troubling times, NBP is there to help America’s industries find solutions.

NBP Insurance was first founded in 1993 by Neal Patel to offer insurance services nationwide. Today, NBP Insurance is a leading provider of property-casualty insurance and risk management services, including a wide array of business and personal insurance products. We believe the key to good insurance is working side by side with the client..

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NBP serves personal and commercial insurance by working together with our clients to determine the appropriate type and level of coverage necessary. Every client is different. We understand that your lifestyle is as unique as the way you run your business, so your insurance should be just as dynamic. NBP Group works with clients to provide comprehensive, innovative insurance plans for families and businesses. We’re not satisfied unless you feel well-protected. We provide specialized and innovative business insurance products to address environmental, professional, excess casualty, bond and surety, disability, and loss control risks. NBP Insurance employs professionally qualified employees.

NBP Group is proud to serve our clients nationwide.

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