Food Distribution

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Not that many people outside of the food distribution industry think much about it beyond the grocery store, but it’s a vital part of our economy. Food distributors are likely responsible for the last meal you ate. But the day-to-day operations of the business is fraught with risk. When a natural disaster or a pandemic suddenly disrupts the food chain, panic ensues. Food distributors, grocers, and others involved in the industry must be aware of all the regulations before setting up shop. Distributors also must stay on top of any recalls or hazardous products, as otherwise they risk spreading food poisoning. This is precisely why so many distributors have turned to NBP over the years to manage their risk.

Food Distribution

Our distinct, broad-spectrum approach to insurance is exactly what food distributors need when they’re mitigating so many uncertainties. Our dedicated team of foodservice experts is knowledgeable in all fields, including:

  • Food Manufacturing
  • Food Distribution
  • Retail Grocers

At NBP, we’ll address your most urgent concerns and perform a thorough analysis of your business’s assets to determine where you might be liable. Our customized risk management has been helping food distributors in America for nearly 30 years, and we’re committed to giving food distributors the peace of mind they require to keep our country healthy.

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