Family Entertainment Center

Family Entertainment Centers are places where children can make some treasured memories with their parents. When those children grow, they still have fond memories, and the jingle for their center of choice still rings in their heads. For customers, they’re places of wonder and excitement. But for owners and operators, they can be the source of some major headaches. Creating an environment where children can safely play immediately puts the owner in a position of trust and opens them up to serious liability should anything go wrong. Thankfully, NBP is there for those unfortunate accidents.

NBP Family Entertainment Center

NBP’s Family Entertainment Center Insurance is proud to protect those in the family entertainment industry. Our program provides the comprehensive coverage a center would need, insuring all manner of children’s entertainment attractions, including motorized vehicles, movement, games, and sports centers.

The Right Coverage for the Right Price

Our family entertainment program is designed to keep prices low while still offering full-spectrum coverage. It includes:

  • Competitive Pricing And Enhanced Coverage
  • Low-cost Accident Insurance
  • Complete Claims Management And Pricing
  • On-site Safety Inspections

Our committed risk management team will tour your site to see where you may be vulnerable to liability. Nothing is left to chance with NBP.

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