Education Insurance

An Insurance Plan As Smart As Your College or University

Colleges and universities face many unique challenges every day in their quest to create a campus where young minds can grow and explore while also being safe doing so. This can only be complicated with shrinking budgets and higher costs. NBP Academia knows that’s a bit of a tightrope and tailors its academic insurance with the same principle the best colleges operate by. Safety concerns are always a factor. We protect your institution with the same care we would with any home. After all, your school is home for your students.

NBP Academia education insurance includes:

  • General Liability
  • Commercial Property Insurance
  • Business Income Insurance
NBP Education Insurance

We also offer a broad range of products for private schools, depending on what your school requires.

But the risks associated with the educational field are vast and unpredictable. Schools often have to tackle issues head-on without much preparation. That’s why NBP Academia is there to cover your staff, faculty, and administrators in times of crisis.

We begin with a close analysis of your institution’s risks and losses. From there, we’ll work to customize our insurance program and use our clout with major carriers to ensure you get the most cost-efficient plan available.

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