Private Client Group

Your Money Matters

NBP insurance knows that the key to Private Client group insurance is knowing who we’re working with. So we’ll start by asking questions about your goals and concerns. From there, we’ll devise a thorough, personalized asset protection program to meet those goals and erase any concerns.

Our integrated approach is made with the expectation that things will change, so we stay in touch throughout the year, not just when the option is up for renewal, to ensure you’re still comfortable with your plan. The on-going communication helps us stay on top of any major financial changes in your life, allowing us to update your risk management plan effectively. You’ll rest well knowing we’re up-to-date on your various needs.

Private Client Group

But our private client group insurance doesn’t just protect your personal assets and finances. We like to think our approach is more broad-spectrum than that, so we consider any family or philanthropic interests as well.

NBP knows that your property is also a point of pride, and our agents will always include any luxury cars, watercraft, fine arts, or other items you couldn’t put a price on.

The key elements of any Provider Group insurance should always include:

  • Personal Risk Analysis
  • Annual Program Evaluation
  • Claim Advocacy
  • Concierge Services

Know your wealth is protected with NBP!

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