Trade Credit

Balancing Cost With Risk

Every financial executive recognizes the importance of balancing the cost of doing business with the risk of it. For every dollar of profit, all the costs of producing that dollar have been thoroughly considered and weighed in an effort to maximize profit margin, including accounts receivable management. But billions of dollars in losses in recent years have come from bad debt charge-offs, putting the spotlight on managing trade receivables with particular attention to risk.

Accounts receivable is a crucial factor in any successful business venture. But what to do when a customer, or many, cannot meet their obligations to pay? Risks such as these require NBP’s through analysis.

NBP Trade Credit

Don't Get Stuck With The Bill

NBP Insurance provides comprehensive trade credit protection plans that indemnify a seller from non-payment of commercial trade debt. All seller/policyholders can be assured that undisputed accounts receivable will be paid. But the goal is not just to keep you protected from rogue clients. NBP wants to help your business grow without increasing risk. Our ultimate mission is to protect you from what could be significant losses, while still growing profits.

NBP understands that the way to do that is with access to the right information to make well-informed decisions regarding credit. We invest heavily in proprietary information and use our clout with major lenders to find you the most cost-effective trade-credit plan possible.

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