Knowledge To Keep You In the Air

Americans can still remember the days when they first set foot on an airplane, and the captain came out to hand a pair of pilot’s wings to the youngest. Those early childhood memories were only further cemented in our minds when Captain Sullenberger performed his miracle on the Hudson. But we know it’s not just the pilots but the people on the ground who work tirelessly to build and maintain airplanes. Whether you run a private airfield or a sizable commercial flight service, NBP salutes your services.

NBP Aviation offers insurance programs in the same spirit of honoring America’s first in flight. Our plans assist aircraft owners, operators, aviation and aerospace companies in managing risk and loss. Our own unique, broad understanding of the aviation industry and our relationships with insurers have been crucial in helping our clients with any financial challenges they encounter.

We cover every aspect of the aviation and aerospace industry, including:

  • Airlines – regional, international or national. Cargo or passenger.
  • Corporate – aircraft owners, operators, and passengers
  • Helicopters – offshore, emergency medical, firefighting, construction, aerial application, news choppers, sightseeing, charter, flight training, and motion picture production
  • Fixed-base operators – airports, fueling providers and other services and products, flight training academies, maintenance, repair, and overhaul companies
  • Manufacturers – airframes, avionics and navigation equipment, ground support equipment, engines, components, and materials

NDP Aviation is a partner you can depend on. We protect your interests on the ground so you can focus on the business of the sky.

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