Real Estate

The real estate market is a thrilling and often frightening world. We often like to think of a real estate agent spraying a selling houses’ rooms with cookie dough spray, but that charming image is only a small part of the work an agent puts into selling a property.

We saw what the worst could look like in 2008, and there’s always a risk of another crash. Selling real estate and appraising property is a risky business fraught with liability. A real estate agent must manage those significant risks along with all the common ones a business faces in today’s environment, such as employee error, data loss, or property damage.

NBP has a deep understanding of the real estate industry, with our team of advisors and experts working hard to help our clients deal with the most difficult challenges they face. We try to think ahead of the problem. If you rent cars to show houses, our policy helps cover costs related to bodily injury claims due to accidents. Our program also provides:

  • General Liability
  • Commercial Property Coverage
  • Risk Management and Claims Advocacy
  • Industry-specific Coverage Enhancements
  • Customized Loss Control
  • Claims Management and Advocacy

Our team of committed claims professionals have years of experience handling claims.

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