Management Liability

Where Insurance and Management Come Together

You’ve worked hard to assemble a crack team of managers at your business, now trust us to manage them! NBP Insurance offers a vast array of coverage to minimize any risks you may encounter in your management team. We combine Directors and Officers Liability (D&O), Employment Practices Liability (EPL), and Fiduciary Liability (FL) insurance to protect the interests and assets of you and your principals.

Our comprehensive EPL helps mitigate any risk that may come from claims of wrongful termination, discrimination, and sexual harassment. Management Liability can also protect businesses from any claims of mishandling investment funds or failing to carry out instructions regarding investments. We provide protection from shareholder suits that include any allegations of improper “corporate governance.”

Lead The Way You Want To With D&O Coverage

NBP understands that you’re not always in control of the finer details. In the unfortunate event that your company’s directors, officers, or organization is alleged to have committed wrongful acts while acting in an official capacity, NBP provides the necessary coverage to protect you.

This coverage can go beyond just your officers. It can cover your organization or other employees as well. Whether the claims of damages occurred due to you or your director’s actions, or if you were entirely innocent, the costs of defense are not insignificant. D&O coverage is offered to both private and public entities, including nonprofit organizations. NBP is there to help when you stand accused.

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