Home and Auto

Protect Your Home & Auto from Liability.

It’s our pleasure to help individuals, families, and advisors identify, prepare for, and handle risk by creating a personally tailored insurance program that meets your specific needs.

NBP Group knows what makes a home special, be it a condominium or a custom-built house. So while there’s nothing more attractive to a burglar than a luxury home, a detailed covered package will put your mind at ease with the knowledge that everything is protected. We want to ensure you always have the resources you need to feel at home again when the unexpected happens and you need to fix, replace, or rebuild.

We pay the same special attention to your automobile. Whether you still drive your car from high school or have a luxury auto that you work on regularly, it means something to you. Today’s vehicles’ sleek construction and fuel-efficient technology are meant to protect you and your family, but upgraded technology means upgraded repairs. With NBP Group, we ensure all repairs are made with equipment manufacturer parts, and they’re replaced by your own mechanic.

Due to the additional technology, horsepower, and amenities of luxury cars, their insurance premiums will be higher—the more expensive the vehicle, the more expensive the policy. But NBP Group will work closely with you to find a policy that suits you and your vehicle. NBP Group even offers discounts for multiple assets like home and auto!

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