Health and Social Services

Our nation’s health workers are always on the front lines of many battles. From fighting addiction to helping people find work, our health and social services sector is something to look on with pride. For those who work in the field are doing so out of sincere compassion for others. Being a healthcare worker or social care consultant in the U.S. is a fulfilling, rewarding job. But it’s not always an easy one. Things will inevitably go wrong, and when they do, the families of those involved will look for someone to blame.

NBP health-social-services

It shouldn’t be you. That’s why so many in the health and social services industry have chosen NBP. We value our frontline workers, and will work to protect them from risk. NBP’s health and social services program is tailored to cut the cost of insurance for social service organizations, health professionals, and staff without ever sacrificing the quality of the coverage. It’s our way of giving something back to those who give so much for others already.

Our programs are designed for:

  • Addiction Counselors
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Outpatient Facilities
  • Jewish Community Centers

We’re not just an insurance company. We’re a trusted partner who seeks to help those who help others. Our health and social services team is comprised of experts, lawyers, and advisors with an understanding of how the industry works. We’ll work right alongside you to solve any problems and discover any potential risks.

How can we help you?

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