NBP Insurance realizes that, for some businesses, traditional insurance plans may not be the best fit for the company’s interests. So NBP has created a special captive insurance division to help companies control their insurance costs. Only with careful oversight and risk management can companies easily navigate the insurance industry. Our agents are ready to work hard to educate you on the best, most cost-effective options available.

But first, NBP wants to get to know you. Our captive insurance is tailored to each client’s personal needs. As such, we begin with an extensive look into past claims to determine the acceptable level for your business.

NBP Captives

There are plenty of reasons to go with a captive insurance plan. With ever-changing premiums, choice of vendors, choice of reinsurance, personal tax advantages, and even a new profit center, the insurance industry can be tough for the uninitiated. But NBP knows cost is always one of your primary concerns, and we aim to offer the best options for our clients.

Finally, we’ll help you select the right domicile and partner for your captive. Whether onshore or off, we’ll see to it your assets are protected from risk no matter the regulations encountered. NBP knows your partner is crucial in the success of the captive, and our services include:

  • Underwriting
  • Risk Engineering
  • Loss Adjusting
  • Claims Reserving
  • Litigation
  • Regulatory Support

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