Insurance Certainty in Environmental Uncertainty

Environmental Insurance has been available since 1978, not long after Richard Nixon formed the EPA. But in the ensuing years, the environment has undergone some serious challenges. With a new focus on green technology, many companies have felt the brunt of losses due to emerging technologies while also struggling to keep up-to-date with regulations. Virtually every business must know of any potential environmental concerns before they begin.

NBP Environmental

NBP Environmental offers an exceptionally thorough understanding of the environmental concerns facing the world today. With global warming, raging forest fires, and pollution always on the minds of Washington politicians, it’s never been more important to have your finger on the pulse of the environment. That’s NBP employs a team of experts with a long history in the industry and an intelligent understanding of the ever-growing risks it faces. Our team includes:

  • Environmental Engineering
  • Environmental Law
  • Environmental Management
  • Environmental Underwriting And Claims Support

Our crack team of environmental problem solvers will use their knowledge to identify any ecological liability exposure your company may encounter. These include bodily injury, property damage, cleanup cost, criminal and civil fines and penalties, bioterrorism, and business interruption.

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