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New York State Motorcycle Insurance

Although it is not frequently discussed, the fact remains that you need motorcycle insurance to protect you from the overwhelming loss that can occur in an accident. Such a loss could result in financial disaster if you aren't properly protected. There are different kinds of coverage that pay for different kinds of losses.

A lot of people think they have a full coverage policy but when they make a claim, realize they don't really have what they thought they did. A full coverage policy only means coverage in all categories, but equally important is the amount of coverage in each category. It is important to understand how each category of coverage works so you don't find yourself in a situation in which your personal assets are on the line or in which you cannot be fully compensated for damages you sustain at the hands of another.

The standard motor vehicle coverage's are liability, property damage, uninsured/underinsured, collision, comprehensive and medical payment. You can also purchase an umbrella policy for additional protection.

Motorcycle Insurance Coverage Options

  • Liability
    Covers you if you are found responsible for injuring another party with your vehicle.
  • Property Damage
    Covers you if you are found responsible for damaging somebody else's property with your vehicle.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured
    Covers you if you are injured by another party whose has no insurance or insufficient insurance to fully compensate you.
  • Collision
    Covers repairs to your vehicle irrespective of who is responsible for the damage.
  • Comprehensive
    Covers theft of your motorcycle and its parts and damage caused by vandalism and, generally, by flood or fire.
  • Medical
    Coverage pays for your medical bills.
  • Umbrella
    Insurance provides additional liability coverage for those rare situations in which the damages are extensive.