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New York State Homeowners Insurance FAQ

If you want your belongings covered against damages caused by a flood, the answer is yes. Basic home insurance policies never cover damage from flooding because it’s second only to fire as the most widespread of natural disasters.

Because flood damage happens so frequently, most insurance companies won’t even consider writing flood coverage. The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) underwrites the overwhelming majority of flood policies in the United States. While most people should at least think about getting flood insurance, it is true that some people need it more than others. See flood insurance for more information.

Will filing one claim on my homeowner’s insurance cause my rates to go up?

No. In fact, a spokesperson for one insurance company even laughed at the thought of one claim increasing someone’s premiums. You’ll have to file a second claim to push your rates up.

I have a dog that bit someone once. Will that affect my chances of getting homeowner’s insurance?

While having a dog with a history of biting doesn’t automatically disqualify you from getting a homeowner’s policy, it can make it more difficult. You might end up having to get a policy that excludes coverage for anything your dog does.

How do I insure a house while it is under construction?

Basically, you just need a standard homeowner’s policy. You should make sure to tell the company or your agent that the house is currently under construction though.

I own a home that no one is currently living in. Will it be difficult to insure?

It certainly could be. There are several factors that will influence whether or not you can get insurance for your vacant home. Is the house currently for sale? How long do you plan to leave it vacant? Does someone check on it regularly? Is the house is secluded from view?

What is a “home warranty” and where can I get a quote for coverage?

Home warranties aren’t insurance, but some insurance companies are starting to sell them. A home warranty will cover repair costs on things in your home such things as your refrigerator and other major appliances, or your air conditioning. You do need to have everything in good working order before purchasing a home warranty.